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Meet the Rookies


 The Rookies aims to focus on CRE individuals who have less than 5 years of experience in the business. We are focused on building your basic core knowledge in CRE. Our mission is to help all 5 & under on this journey to CRE.

The NALCOM Rookies want to make an impact. 

•social gatherings

•partner with local non-profits 

•help your fellow Rookies 


Upcoming Meeting

Click the flyer to register

March Rookies.PNG
February Rookies.jpg
January Rookies Invite.jpg

Pictures from the Rookies kick-off meeting on April 26th

Rookie Lineup:

  • Erik Amason

  • Cotelia Ford

  • Sharita Chambers

  • John Roberts

  • Patricia Hurston

  • Kimberly Blanding

  • Brittani Burgess

  • Aaron Hovis

  • Caitlin Griffith

  • Phillip Chenault

  • Wilson Enslen

  • Clarke Todd

  • Bhagyesha Darji

  • Yalanda Winston

  • Kristin Milam


Interested in being a Rookie? Email us for more information!

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